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Printing your Webmaxing Certificate


If you have sat and passed the Webmaxing Accreditation course you will see a link in the admin panel to a certificate like this.

You can print this page on a standard picture or to a pdf.

PDF Document

PDF Printing

Most Windows based computers have a 'Microsoft Print to pdf option.

If you don't see this we recommend picking up PrimoPDF. It's completely free and will allow you to print to a PDF ideal for emailing or sharing online.


Printing from the Browser

Whether you are printing to PDF or printing to paper you may well need to make some adjustments to ensure your certificate displays at its best!

In Chrome

  1. Click the three dots icon in the top right and choose Print... (or press Ctrl + P)
  2. In the preview window make sure 'Layout' is set to Landscape and under 'More settings' make sure:
    1. The Option 'Headers and footers' is unticked
    2. The Option 'Background graphics' is ticked

In Firefox

  1. Click File > Print Preview
  2. In the preview window make sure Landscape is selected at the top of the page and 'Scale' is set to 'Shrink to Fit'. The click the 'Page Setup...' button and:
    1. Under the 'Format & Options' tab tick the box 'Print Background'
    2. Under the 'Margins & Header/Footer' tab make sure all Headers & Footers are set to '--blank--'

In Internet Explorer

  1. If you do not see a menu near the top of the scree starting with 'File' right hand click on a blank area at the very top of the screen and click on 'Menu Bar'
  2. Now select File > Page Setup and then make sure:
    1. 'Orientation' is set to 'Landscape'
    2. 'Print Background Colours and Images' is ticked
    3. 'Enable Shrink-to-Fit' is ticked
    4. All the Headers and Footers are set to '-Empty-'